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Low-priced Accommodation, Travel and Travel from Travel Republic Parcels containing a flying component (as specified in our business conditions) on this website are covered by the ATOL program. ATOL coverage does not cover all holiday and travelling benefits mentioned on this website. When you do not get an ATOL certification, the reservation is not ATOL-protected.

However, if you obtain an ATOL certificate but not all parts of your journey are included, these parts are not ATOL-protected. For more information on the ATOL certificate and the ATOL insurance, please visit: Low down payment is available if it appears next to the relevant flights or hotels in your results or is recommended by your agents.

Prepayment is requested when making the reservation. The balance is due 14 nights before the start of the trip. Here you can find our complete conditions for reservations. The usual conditions of cancellations are valid.

Alanya Holiday | On the Beaches

This place, where the sun smiles, sunbathes not only in mild sunlight, but also in a very long and important story, and the town has some of the oldest artifacts of all Turkey to offer. On The Beach is all six flying lessons away from you! Take a plane to the town of Antalya, which is near by and which is well deserved a stop.

Then, it's just a fast shuttle from the Aiport to the sea and your holiday in Alyanya can begin! During this period, music-making, dance and food in pubs can also be limited. Being a sun-drenched Mediterranean view spot, it is amazingly warm during the summers and reaches maximum temperatures of 32 degrees Celsius in August.

AIanya is isolated from the breathtakingly lovely Taurus Hills, which stay snow-covered even in uninterrupted sun. Or you can cross the cliffy promontory that separates the town from the beaches of Cleopatra and Damlatas with their old caves and the green. It is full of singular monuments, from the old Damlatas beach caves, famous for their damp atmospheres and microclimates, to the 13th centr. Seljuk castle.

Here you can go back in history, with the Ottoman Empire mansions that spread within the old ramparts and the mediaeval heroics inside the Red Tower fortress. That' s the great thing about a holiday in Alanya; there are things that make everyone smile! You can take a sightseeing tour around the Bazar for your own convenience or take a cruise around the area.

In Alanya a triathlon takes place every year in October, which is really interesting for the enthusiastic crowd! In spite of its old story Alanya has developed into a relatively young town - and with all these folks this means a pulsating night-lifes! All this close to the beaches!

Reserve a holiday in Alanya now! On The Beach is not the first place to go for a holiday in Alanya with many offers for air travel and hotel in Alanya! We have an on-line reservation system that is quick, straightforward and quick - so don't hesitate - make your individual reservation in Alanya today! Our holiday professionals and their expertise are at your service.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and regular stays at all our major hotel locations so you can really relax and unwind.

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